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  1. Jews, Comics and Alternate Universes:
    What is the link between the Jewish people, superheroes, and the world as we know it?
  2. Resolving the December Dilemma:
    How can Jewish-Gentile couples approach the winter holiday season and its cross-cultural tensions?
  3. The Rabbis’ Dilemma: A Look at Isaiah 53:
    Was the Jewish Bible referring to the people of Israel or to the Messiah with its picture of an afflicted, wounded servant?

Life Journeys

  1. A Jewish Oncologist’s Story:
    Dr. Jack Sternberg never imagined that Jesus would bring healing to his life.
  2. A Hassidic Couple Encounters their Messiah
    Meet Yoel and Adel, who were involved in the Hassidic Breslov movement.
  3. A Dream Shared:
    As a Jewish activist, Susan Perlman discovered that Jesus is the greatest force for change of all.
  4. I Escaped From Hitler Twice:
    Despite escaping Nazi Germany and a POW camp, Fred Wertheim only found ultimate freedom in Jesus.
  5. Journeys of Faith Video Series
    Watch personal “Journeys of Faith” videos